FLASH Magazine Jan 2019 Nako Part Translation

Q1 Self Introduction
A: My dimple on the left cheek is on the same position like my mum, sometimes there is dimple on my right cheek too. My interest is watching videos and my specialty is turning from double eyelids to single eyelid in a split second.

Q2 Something you think that is difficult during Produce48.
A: I felt the problem of language barrier. Because translator was not always around, when I communicated with the members, I tried my best by using all the vocabulary I know.

Q3 Something you are advocated to recently.
A: Watching various kinds of Twice videos. There are focus cams, I won’t get bored to any of them.

Q4 Your feeling of coming back to Japan after a long period of time
A: We all like Japanese food. If we have time, we want to eat out together.

Q5 What Korean cuisine do you like?
A: Cheese Hotdog. Isn’t it popular in Japan recently? In Korea, the origin place, the amount of cheese is abundant. The cheese stringy is so long that my hands are not long enough to handle it.

Q6 The charm of IZ*ONE
A: Although there are many people, everyone has their own personality. Also, we like eating a lot xD

Q7 In 2019, something you want to challenge as a IZ*ONE member.

A: I hope we will be able to release many CDs, so that our fans will continue to support us. I want to create more chances to meet our fans.

Q8 The difference between Japanese and Korean entertainment industry

A: Korea aims at perfection. I feel that I must upgrade my skills and strength.

Words from Wonyoung.
I think all our members will agree that Nako’s existence itself is cute xD. However, there is an opposite side of her other than the cute character. She is also earnest and reliable. It’s really awesome to possess these two qualities at the same time.

Little profile
DOB: 18th June, 2001
Blood type: unknown
Height: 150
Debut as the 6th place in Produce48
Hobby: watching movies
Specialty: turning from double eyelids to single eyelid in a split second. You must listen to her angelic singing voice.


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